Hey guys welcome to Francella Bella Diaries,  This is the Dairy of a black Jamaican girl living in Japan and this exciting online journal will publicly exhibits, my thoughts and feelings on a vast array of amazing things in this world.  In the end, harnessing  the growth of my biblical worldview which is helping others far and wide to think and do what they feel in a positive light.

This ‘diary’ symbolizes the huge step I have taken to become bold and beautiful… lol. Oh! wait, scratch that. What I meant was that, you will now be able to see all sides of me, my crazy and wild side, how I do when I travel, the words of spoken poetry I create sometimes AAHHH AHHHMM…, my photogenic facial expressions, reviews on the the books I’ve read  and more.

I was inspired to create this blog because this has been on my vision board for quite some time and just yesterday  Ms Dani-Kaye Golding of the GoldingProject https://www.facebook.com/dgoldingproject/?ref=br_rs . You can check out her facebook here. She sent me a link to her blog and  immediately subscribed, read her stories and stopped procrastinating and VIOLA my blog is hereeeeee (the soprano effect)


Inspirations number two is from “PRINCIPLE 2:  PYP pick your passion, poison, or procrastination” found in #BlackPrivilege a famous book and a quote form my main man Charlamage Tha God.  This book will change your life! If you haven’t read it yet, please go  and buy it, read it , listen to it, whatever, just get a copy.

I have only one rule; and it is that you remain respectful. These posts from time to time may have my views, my eyes, yeah. The way I see things. You are of course welcomed to respond, comment, like, share, make suggestions and disagree. Just do so with respect and keep it relevant to the post. That being said.

Let’s enjoy the ride and once again welcome to the wild side of my world!pexels-photo-196659.jpeg

Francella Bella in the BUILDINGGGGG!!!!!





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