❤️A muse on life ❤️

And they wonder why…
But you see through their smiles. 
And their teeth are larger than a pile of knives. 

More dangerous than bees in hives that could make u bleed, swell  and sore , their tongue sharper than a two edged sword used in battle which yearns for blood more and more. 

Then victory comes and becomes so sweet and they wonder why you dont hurt no more. You dont seek to see their worth no more and their presence ain’t desired it ain’t cool no more.

Then I wonder why… why life aint the way I think it would be, and I question why me, why do I gotta learn the difference between I, you, me and we. As for me, I still ponder. Sometimes  I leave it to God, but then I still wonder .

by FrancellaBella April 2018 

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