Accept me for who I am.

Many a times I hear people say she is so sweet, she is kind, she will go the extra mile, she can keep a secret and she is so fine amid other things.

One day someone I admire said she is so amazing, intelligent, successful…

I smiled. Will you just accept me for me though? 💕were the thoughts floating around in my head.

Sad to say that what others think might be true, but how many of you really know who I am? How many of you can accept the real me?

TOP TEN of a never ending ME 😂💋

I can be all of the above, but 1. Im also easily angered and when I’m disrespected my mind twitches like a junky in need of a fix. 2. I cry in your face sometimes not because you hurt me, but because I’d like to kick your ass, abuse you verbally and treat you how you wanna be treated. 3. Dislike unreliable people. (WHAT YOU SAY AND WHAT YOU MEAN AIN’T WHAT YOU MEAN???? FaQ outta here) 4. I get an attitude when people behave supercilious (Lordy Lordy lordy…) 5. I dislike judas and judeses. 6. I am intelligent so i’m cautious and respectful. 7. Believe in a higher power. 8. Hustles everyday for my family. 9. Won’t give a faq about you if you don’t give a faq about me. 10. I Shine, no matter the time of day it is. I shine.

So think again. Do you really know me? FAQ IS YOU SAYING ?

The next time you try to run an analysis of me, just remember there are facts that you haven’t even seen, heard of or know about.

Can’t accept me for who I am?

LemmeB !

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