MIAMI : A Spectacular Fountainebleau Experience

The spectacular Fountainebleau Experience for a first time visit to MIAMI

Look out because it’s about to be a fascinating transition. I ended up in Miami by mistake!!!! UUhh hhhaaa!!!! My usual route to get home is Japan to China to The United States then to Jamaica and back. Nonetheless, I ended up here in Miami. For a minute I thought I was in CUBA. Si! Si! Si! Mamacita! Todos aqui hablando el español… Que! I was very surprised to know that this was where some Cubans came to settle in the 1800s. Gosh! I am learning things already, Dios Mio! Moving right along.

Hotel Suggestions – Miami 

Since it was my first time, I sent DMs to a couple of friends concerning hotels. The results were some really great choices from luxurious to luxurious to others. I had no plans for luxury in my budget because I just ended up here. Remember, nothing was planned.

One of the hotel suggestion my sexy friend mentioned was Fountainebleau located in Miami Beach and it stole my heart immediately. It’s the definition of vacation in Miami, but wait a minute. 1000usd per night! It’s very expensive, right? ‘Chou takai desu yo ne’, but it is value for money… I will definitely go here with a group for friends share the cost of the room and of course have more fun. Hahaha! I will tell you why later.

The next hotel I checked was SLS in South Beach and posh it was, Yeah! My friend has good taste. I tried to secure a booking, but was unsuccessful. I kept watching to see if anyone would cancel their booking, but no one did. Simply put, if you want to stay in a hotel with amazing restaurants and a breathtaking pool then SLS is the place to be. It is gorgeous inside out and staying here is possible if you make a booking months in advance.

My Trinidadian friend whom I met in Japan a year ago suggested Colony and Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay. I couldn’t stay at any of these because they were fully booked.

However, the verdict is, if you want luxury, Fountainebleau and SLS is the place for you and if you want to be in the hype of things downtown then Colony and Marriott Biscanyne Bay it is, that’s if you can secure a booking. Since I didn’t get to stay in any of these fancy and exciting places, where could I stay?

The Courtyard Miami –Hotel


I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott. It is located on Le Jeune Road and is about 5-7 mins from Miami international airport (MIA) by free shuttle. It’s on a compound that offers secure parking and shares swimming pool and restaurants with other hotels on the compound. It’s pretty close to Dolphin Mall, Wynwood walls, Fountainebleau, Ocean Drive, Sephora and all the other places I later became interested in.

I had invited my mom, so I got a nice spacious room for both of us. We had a view of the pool and some buildings out in the city and we could see the airplanes when they arrive or leave from MIA

There wasn’t anything special about the breakfast or the service offered here. It was just a business hotel that I could afford which is close enough to the airport and other things, plus getting around from here by UBER is reasonable. It seems the hotels closer to the airport always have rooms. So if you just need to stay overnight. Go for those. They aren’t bad.

Wynwood Walls – Miami

I am a lover of art and fashion so I had to check out Wynwood Walls. The entire block is covered with masterpieces from various talented artist and as many would agree, it is the greatest street art in Miami. I was impressed and so was my mom. The art wall, created by Tony Goldman covers 80,000 square feet of walls with works of 59 artist from 16 different countries. It is a must see for anyone travelling to Miami. I had the time of my life there. I took so many great photos. Best believe the importance of creativity came to life right here. I must say, it’s a well-established and respected area that has beautiful and transformational urban art displayed in one huge open space. I loved it and a visit here would make your trip worthwhile. 

Case – Finger  Logan Hicks – Night Town  Crash- Girl cartoon  etc are just some of my favorites  pieces at Wynwood Art District walls and in the Museum.

The Spectacular Fountainebleau Experience

The most spectacular and significant hotel of the mid 90s is right here in Florida at 4441 Collins Avenue. It’s legendary and is the most luxurious structure in Miami Beach that I have ever seen.  It’s none other than Fountainebleau. And from the spelling you can already tell that it isn’t an ordinary place.

Fountainebleau houses award winning restaurants and has multiple extraordinary poolscapes with great taste of music and live DJs, 22 acres of ocean front, and spectacular outdoor vibe no matter the time of day. 


This is the hotel where Celebs like Elvis, Sinatra and also the academic award winning actor Al Pacino amid others often visit. You have to go there! While I didn’t get a room, I was able to get a table at the very same restaurant that Al Pacino and Steven Bauer sat while filming one of the amazing scene of the movie ‘Scarface’ (the bloody saga of Tony Montana) back in the 1980’s. Screammmssssss!!!!!! Yes I was tremendously happy to know that my open table reservation was secured and couldn’t wait to get there for lunch with my mom.

Lunch @ La Côte


La Côte, Fontainebleau Miami Beach is a Chic Open-air Beach Club and Restaurant. It is off the shizzle for rizzle. You’ll find this restaurant between the gorgeous poolside and the spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. It really does evokes a kind of chic glamour feel and is perfect spot for viewing the sunset. Our late lunch was nothing short of spectacular. At this restaurant we enjoyed a gorgeously prepared and most flavorful Mediterranean cuisine alongside exotic juice and wine.

The music at the bar is superb and coupled with the ocean front view; everything was spectacular!

I couldn’t ask for a better experience dining casually and in style.

Mom had Mahi Mahi bouillabaisse in a tomato saffron broth with mussels and I got the Maine lobster served with the house salad and a glass of Bon Anno cabernet Sauvignon- Napa Valley. Yum yum yum! Compliments to the chef. The food was heavenly and this made my experience at Fontainebleau spectacular. I am definitely going back there.   

South Beach

Ocean Drive – Wet Willie’s

Just so you know, you cannot go to south beach and not get a potion at Wet Willie’s. I repeat. You must get a special Wet Willie potion!!!! You have to!!!!! Wet Willie’s is located downtown South Beach on the hip strip 760 Ocean Dr. to be exact.

I call it a hip strip because this is one of the liveliest part of South Beach.

Let’s get back to the most amazing concoction ever. I got a double dose of four different potions in my mix. Call-a cab, sex on the sofa, attitude improvement and shock treatment. Goodness gracious, Amazing!!!!!!!!! It was the second best experience ever so far. I want to go back so badly. Thanks to my friend who suggested I do this. Yassss!!! This is the Miami FL South Beach life. This potion right here could give you wings.  I love Wet Willie’s, Hahahaha!  You know what I mean. Just try it. You won’t regret it. I went here after shopping at Sephora and trust me this was just what I needed to finish the day on a high.

Shopping in South Beach

Goodness gracious they have ZARA a stone throw away from Sephora. I of course strolled inside and did some eye shopping because I had no space for another item in my luggage after shopping at Sephora. Also, I really wanted to go shopping and get a pretty cool eye shadow pallet. So of course I went straight to the HUDA Beauty section. Shopping for makeup there was great!!!!

Red BAR – Brickell Miami

I didn’t stay an extensive period of time in Miami, but I kind of felt like I did because I was able to check out so many things and places in such a short time and that wasn’t planned for. I went to Brickell with a friend. It seemed to have that sort of upcoming hip and trendy vibe and there were a lot of people enjoying the area on a weeknight.

We wondered into a place called REDBAR and trust me, if you’re looking for some fun in an awesome atmosphere with loud music, great drinks and a few seating then this is the place for you. There’s even some space to dance. I had the Pina Colada and the mug that is was served in was pretty cool. I couldn’t drink it all, but it was great. You could taste the coconut run in it. That’s how good it was. Overall, if you are looking for a good spot to kick start your night, Redbar Brickell is a great bar to do it!

Oh, and they have the best Pina Colada eva!!!!! lol!


Once you go, you know. It wasn’t that bad after all. Smiles.

Until next time!

please enjoy some music from Lakey.

Picture credits…943.1910.0.2181.….0…1c.1.64.img..2.0.0….0.Rxav4x8ddTo#imgrc=ZrpFO8H30HUzAM:&spf=1529905420086….0…1c.1.64.img..1.8.1115…0i7i30k1j0i8i7i30k1.0.nQ7K7sY5Isc#imgdii=LIeQWoVMuWGB8M:&imgrc=KS3Jy4NUhcDncM:&spf=1529905202004


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