5 tips to become a model


As Kim Brenneman would say “ Discipline is being able to force yourself to do something, in spite of how you feel, over and over until it becomes a habit.”


So you want to be a model. How do you start? 


  1. Get that killer model portfolio together 41283154_2240199376008362_8975610702286815232_n

The first thing that agencies will want to see is your portfolio so start getting it together. In your portfolio, ensure that you showcase your strong points through the quality and stunning images you choose to include.  Don’t just include one type of photos, choose all the photos that you believe will wow the agencies because it is pretty crucial that you make a good first  impression. Remember to also create various forms of this portfolio. You need digital ones that you can show someone easily from your mobile devices and  printed versions that you can show when you meet someone face to face. 

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2. Find the right agencies 


In your quest to find a great agency you will need to be seen. So before you get signed you need to submit your snapshots ( and this is “not from your snapchat app” on your phone. this is what the industry call ‘digitals’, polaroids, or headshots.  Don’t get this step twisted,  agencies are looking for the most natural looks ever. They want to see you for you so submit all those beautiful makeup less or mascara at most photos, all the photos where you aren’t wearing anything distracting and the ones that show you smiling and not smiling.  Photos with you standing against a plain background always works, shots looking into and away from the camera are important. They want to see the side shots too so keep your hair up at this point and wear your natural hair. The agencies want to see everything that they will need to present when seeking those gigs and auditions for you.  Wear some simple outfits such as solid color  T-shits and jeans and make sure all your full length and headshots are taken using natural light. A friend or a photographer can do this for you. whatever you do avoid submitting blurry, contoured looking photos. Natural is best! 


3. Research the agency 


Ensure that you do a background check on the agencies because every agency is seeking someone. However, you want to know that you are working with trusted individuals. so first and foremost check if they are legit. Can you see great reviews about them on any social networks? Do they have clear information on their site that assist you with the submission process? 

Who are some of the past models that have worked with this agency? Would you really want to have this agency represent you? What are some of their recent campaigns ? Do they work with some decent brands and companies ? After you have submitted your snapshots and have received a call ensure that you keep on doing your research who are the “litt” fashion designers now in the industry? What are some of the upcoming fashion events around the world?  Whatever you do make sure you brush up on your fashion awareness skills , be well aware and informed like an encyclopedia before your interview. 




4.  Embrace the (NO) 


Rejection can be very tuff. A mean after you have prepare so hard and then you show up and show out you hear the word ‘no’. Don’t let that stop you because we all know that some of the greatest models who have walked the face of this planet were told ‘No’ as well, but they grew tougher and they let the criticisms roll off their backs. This is a learning process and this will make you stronger, no doubt.  So challenge yourself to shoulder shrug any criticisms that would pinch your self worth and do not base your self worth on another mans approval.  A great mental mantra that can keep you intact is that every ‘No’ is a step closer to the YES you seek. So improve on yourself and your mind, practice your walking and go shake down the next audition. Looking and feeling your best will only make you more confident professionally and personally it’s a win win situation. You will become an asset when you are most confident and take care of yourself (get those beauty regimen going) while getting ready for your YES!


5. Build your social media following


Believe it or not social media is a very new phenomenon, it can help you land the jobs you want. So while you practice your walking, posing, change up your diet and develop your routine beauty regimen and wait for agencies to respond build up your social media presence  and following. These days your YES  signature may depend on your INSTAGRAM,  FACEBOOK , TWITTER, or MAYHEM accounts. a late group of followers is not a requirement so do not get that twisted, it’s a mere attribute. Be careful how you promote yourself on these sites though. You’ve gotta know what you stand for and you must show your followers your authentic self at all times. if you haven’t been doing so and have only done this once or twice year, then start making it a habit to post occasionally beautiful shots of your natural and beautiful self on these social networks. Remember that many non influencers have turned into professional models on account of their social media presence. Never let your pride down. Be yourself, go out there and give it all you’ve got just do it professionally and safe.    





Some of the top rated modeling agencies in Tokyo Japan to name a few are: 

Avocado Inc.

Zucca Model Management

Bravo Models 


Acqua Models 

D’xim Model Agency 

NES Model Agency 

Free Wave 


Photo credits:  Photographers  @immamuelmatthesphotos |@alchemistchronicles | @BGMIKEPHOTOS | @Calderwood_images 

Model INSTAGRAM:  @franglam_photoland FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/franglamphotos/

model mayhem: https://www.modelmayhem.com/FranGlamLand876



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