Vegan candles that are so litt.


Cella Art candles are so ‘LITT’ because: 

  • They are pretty cool and fun, some with crazy “ quotes   that will make you smile. These quotes are designed to add value to your life and help to exercise your jaw line when you burst out a laugh. 
  • Each name is something I came up with that I feel might make your happy when you say it out loud. 
  • They are created with 100% all natural soy wax; not tested on animals which makes then vegan and cruelty free . They’re also scented with fragrance oils that are approved for candle making, these fragrances are also skin safe. 
  • They are hand poured and created in my tiny apartment in Yokohama, Japan.  
  • They are available for purchase since October 2018.  
Here are a few of last year’s creations


I’m Francine Donaldson growing up as a child a family friend in my town called me Francella and sometime just Cella and today I am still being called that. I love to be always occupied with something because I get bored easily and that’s the reason why Cella Art was born. I am the sole creator of these beautiful hand poured, 100% soy candles and yes I created them in my tiny apartment.  I used the name Cella because that is the part of me that I have kept since my childhood and it’s like the best part of me that I could possibly share with the world through candle creations. I pour lots of love and positive energy into each and every Cella Art candle I make. The labels are created on my phone and printed and cut, then placed on the jars by hand.

Featured photos of Cella – Photo credits: Alex Webster —–New York New York

This February be sure to sample this rare edition jar candle called LOVE SPELL.  Three fragrances were infused to create the perfect ‘Love spell’ trifecta.  

Love Spell DIY labels

This candle evokes the aroma of juicy medley of tropical fruits, coconut and sugared orange blended with creamy vanilla and an exotic musk. redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens.

Sweet bouquet of mandarin and bergamot & enhanced by hints of peach & on an undertone of musk. It epitomize everything that is exotic and darling.

Available in 198g  at a cost of 1000 yen. 

Special packaging is available at an additional charge.

Gift wrapping ideas.

How To ORDER and PAY 

Here is how to order. Send a direct message with your request to CELLA ART CANDLE’s FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM PAGE @cellartco. You will get a personal shopping experience from then on. You can ask for different options and chat with the me the creator of these beautiful vegan candle that are hand poured with love. 

These are the payment options available 

  1. Furikomi – Japan post bank to Japan Post bank account transfer at the ATM  
  2. Genkinkakitome – Registered mail 
  3. Pick up and Pay – If you live or work near Yokohama station you can pick up your candle and pay on the spot. 

All packages are sent using COD ; the cash on delivery (COD) method. You will need to pay shipping to the postman. 

Connect with Cella Art on Social Media Platforms for all the newest creations and latest editions.





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