The most widely used cards for getting around on the metro, subway, trains and buses in Japan are these two. They eliminate the hassle of waiting in lines to purchase tickets. One simple difference is that they’re managed by different railway companies.
  1. Japan Post bank cards were the easiest to acquired for me. There are different colors available; even credit and debit types too. I only use the cash card for my purposes. Bank remittances to other JP accounts and savings.


I became a Gaica member through Shinsei bank. I will use the services available this year to see how convenient this will be. I am excited about it.

3. Rakuten cards are cool, however the sign up process required me to have basic level Japanese knowledge to understand and get approved by the company. Once that part is finished, then everything is easy. They also have an English call center. You call and speak with a Japanese staff first. This staff is able to use English to obtain primary data, then a native English representative calls you back within 5 minutes to help you with any problem. How cool is that?

4. JAPAN NET BANK VISA DEBIT CARD. This Is my favorite card of all time because i didn’t became a fan of credit cards until recently. This card right here can be topped up with cash at a SEVEN ELEVEN convenience store. You can withdraw the excess cash or let it be.

So convenient. It takes less than a week to get the card and you can apply for this one by yourself and start enjoying your online shopping even more. YourJapanese ability need to be sharp if you have questions because all employees at the moment speak only the local language.

5. ANA MILEAGE CLUB MEMBER CARD .I fly locally and I always use this card, It has many benefits . I can even check in with just this card. talk about convenience. This is just superb. You should get one.

6. TRAVE EX LOYALTY MEMBER CARD. I wanted to add this card here because, it doesn’t expire. Yeah, no expiration date and it gives you a greater discount that the paper discount coupons. it takes less than 2 minutes to get at any of the branches nationwide.

There you have it! My favorites since i’ve been here in Japan.

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