Lipstick Lover 💋 Are you Brazilian Wax Ready!


I asked myself this question as I was preparing for my wax appointment and I also watched some videos on YouTube to make sure I was in the clear on what to expect.

So, to help you guys, I’ll just share a simple thing you can do to be prepared and I’ll also share my experience.

  1. Grow some hair about half of an inch
  2. Trim before your appointment if you have too much hair
  3. Exfoliate in the shower ; using your basic shave day routine is best. I usually use brown sugar and olive oil. It helps to keep my skin moisturized. Be sure to shower well and dry up nicely
  4. Arrive on time and get comfortable
  5. Honor your esthetician requests
  6. Relax


Where should I start. Wax Day🙌🙌


Here is my experience.

D💋lls I feel great! Yes Hunty!!!!!❤ This was quick, super quick and it left me feeling amazing!

I had a really warm welcome today. Vera from LIPSTICK LOVER met me at the station, led the way and let me tell you…gurllls💋 when I showed up for my appointment, my favorite kind of music was on so I got comfy immediately. Everything was all set, ready and waiting. Even the thousands of Wax sticks because Chile Vera doesn’t double dip. SHE IS A CERTIFIED ESTHETICIAN ❤

It was also my first time getting a Full Brazilian wax professionally so Vera kept talking and asking questions to make sure I was ok. The time went by so quickly that even after it was clear that we were finished, I was like this feels good💋 are we really done?

Go get some self care d💋lls, I promise you It’ll be therapeutic.

Vera is a stone throw away from Kenritsudaigaku station.

Make that appointment.💋 check her out on facebook too.

Here is the link⤵️

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