Traveling on your own can be a scary idea, but it can be a fantastic experience with the right attitude and planning!

Have you ever gotten like really excited about traveling to Europe? Knowing me I don’t really get excited about travels unless I want to travel with someone. 

Guess what! Turns out I travelled alone again. Whoo hoo! I am going to make your life much easier with this blog post, I promise you. I will tell you everything I did that helped me through my 18 days of travel throughout Europe. 

Lets start with applying for the Schengen visa : Jamaicans need a Schengen visa, Yes, it’s like we need a visa for all the nice places… I live in Japan so I applied for it in Tokyo and here is how it went down.   bear in mind I wanted to go to Germany first so I chose to apply through the German embassy.  That being said, wherever you want to visit first apply through that embassy. 

Set the visa appointment at this website ( appointment GERMAN visa TOKYO )  LINK : https://japan.diplo.de

You’ll find articles about everything here, you literally can’t go wrong.  Scroll down click on visa English. Then,  scroll down again and click on application reservation system,  down again  and choose reservation of German Embassy in Tokyo  (English/ Japanese)  Once you’re on the page that says  Appointment System of the German Foreign Office- Tokyo  then it’s time to set your appointment  click on visa and continue  to follow the instructions . 

Prepare the required documents 

Here are the documents I submitted

  1. 2 Photos 45mmx 50mm 
  2. Bank statement that shows all transactions for the last six months (Just the balance of the current month is not accepted)  copies of the pages of your bank book would suffice 
  3. Proof of employment letter from my main Job with the company seal and letterhead  
  4. Contract of employment (original and a copy) 
  5. Tax return document ( I do my taxes every year by myself so I had this document at home) 
  6. International travel Heath insurance CERTIFICATE (  for me this was a 35 page PDF which I had to email to the embassy upon request) because I just brought one document which confirmed that I had the insurance and not the certificate which showed the breakdown of the coverage
  7. Visa Cover Letter  ( this letter should have all the places you intend to travel to, the exact dates, and information that states you are solely responsible for your expenses while traveling) 
  8. Travel itineraries 
  9. Proof of Hotel reservations 
  10. Valid passport + residence card (originals and a copy) 
  11. Completed application form 
  12. A letter pack envelop which cost 510 Yen  ( for them to mail my passport to my address)
  13. A print out of the mail I received which confirms that i have an appointment with the embassy ( wasn’t really needed) 

Number 6, 7, 8, and 9 I bought  from TRAVEL VISA BOOKINGS  I chose their flight, hotel and insurance package which was roughly 60 US .  These are just to get the visa. They can be thrown away and you can book your own reservations once you get the visa.   Here is the LINK : https://travelvisabookings.com

Once I submitted my payment and information I got all the documents sent to email in minutes. 

Do That Interview 

Arrive early for your appointment with all your documents  and relax until it’s your turn 

I went as a tourist so, I used the tourist visa form , if you are going to visit family or friends the requirements are  a lot more different. You will need your family members bank statements etc.  That you can find on the visa site : LINK:  https://japan.diplo.de

The visa took a little less than 14 days to be processed and sent to my apartment. 

It was that simple. come on now! It did give me headache but still, plan early guys and don’t get a headache.  Ladies and gentlemen! That was the Schengen visa experience . 

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