5 Tips you need to know to hop all over Europe

It’s Europe right, so why not go to many places. Ok! I’m gonna give you some information and these tips will make your trip a lot more fun.  

Tip 1 : Plan where you wanna go

This is easy if you are going to one or two countries, but gets much harder when you must visit more than five. I went from Japan to Frankfurt to Venezia to Rome to Barcelona to Geneva and then back to Japan. 

From big cities I flew with 

. China Eastern

. Air France 

Choose some low budget airlines for travels throughout the Schengen area

. Easy Jet

. Vueling 

. Iberia 

*Vueling  charges 4 Euros to check your bag at the counter which is way better than 50 Euros  which is the charge if you bring your carry on to the plane and for some reason it just doesn’t fit and they need to check it. 

All my flights were found on Cheapoair : http://cheapoair.com

Tip 2 : Luggage Storage 

. Paris : Charles De Gaulle Airport Terminal 2 LEVEL 4 :  LUGGAGE DU MONDE  


It’s very quick and easy. Operating hours are from 6am to 9:30pm.  They are near The Sheraton Hotel in the airport and I left my bag there for 12 Euros just to tour Paris for the day. The train station or metro is a few steps away from the luggage drop stop too.


Downloading the app was easy and I just drop my bag at a central location (HOTEL MIRAGE near Termini station)  in ROME went touring for a day , pick up my bag, stopped the app, paid 8 euros, collected my bag and went from Termini Station which is very central straight to the airport. 


If you aren’t going to have wi-fi then it’s best to screen shot the routes and work with that while on the road.

One day passes on the trains in PARIS AND ROME where around 12-15 Euros. 

In Rome the pass can only be used to enter one station so you can’t return through that station, you can catch a bus with the same pass and then enter another station using the same one day pass. 

Public Water Transport in VENICE : Alilaguna Orange Line connects the airport to San Marco

If you are staying around that area the round trip ticket is about 13 Euros at Marco Polo  Airport.  

In Barcelona, I used AEROBUS, it was a superb experience and the bus has Wi-Fi and USB chargers on board. It only cost around 10 Euros round trip  from Barcelona Airport EL PRAT (Terminal 1 and 2) to the city center Plaza. Catalunya. You can get to the center in 35 minutes, which was exactly where I needed to be. My hotel was just 12 mins walk from there. So easy and hassle free. 


. Viator | http://viator.com

. Get Your Guide | http://getyourguide.com

Book tickets online if you are country hopping and have only 2 days in one country. 

I bought like 6 of these. The tour is organized by these companies, but may be despatched to local companies and some time individuals depending on what you bought so don’t be alarmed if your tour is dispatched to a local guide. Just be on time and enjoy.

I met a professor in Rome and his tour was amazing. I was with a group of 10 for that tour.  

3Tours in Paris , 2 in Rome, 1 in Barcelona. It was FUN!!!! and the guides are VERY informative. You can also get a photography walk tour and have professional photos of you taken. Nice, right??  

TIP 5 ENJOY and meet other solo travelers.

I met lots of people who didn’t mind taking my photos and I didn’t mind taking theirs either. 

Some of them I am now friends with. 

solo travelers

Life is good enjoy, plan, be safe and Tell me about your experiences too.  

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